2002 Hell's Bay Guide Refurbishment

The time had finally come. If you had fished in my skiff in the past year it was hard not to notice the few thousand hours had taken its toll on the old girl. The non-skid resembled a car windshield and the hull appeared to be a light brown. I'm pretty sure it was guide green at some point. And the cushions were mostly there just to give you a wet ass. Probably providing more discomfort than actual comfort.



It was quite the process but in the end the result was nothing short of incredible. My old 2002 Hell's Bay Guide went in for major surgery in late January. 

I had a long list of things that needed to be addressed. Sand the hull, offset the center console, powder coat all the hardware, non-skid, sea-deck, and some major trailer issues.

Jonathan Glasser said no problem and so began a 8 week process of turning an old boat back into new. Honestly I love the boat so much and really could not see myself fishing out of anything else. 

The transformation was remarkable. Here are some pics of the finished product. I can't thank Jonathan and his crew enough. The old gal looks like she just rolled off the showroom floor.