Charleston Fishing Report 2/29/2016

Had an outstanding day today with DOA founder and owner Mark Nichols and his wife Jenny. Mark has been working on developing a new lure. I had the chance to fish it in the early stages last fall after the Redbone Tournament. We fished it at the jetties and it was excellent on trout there.

This time of year our Redfish can feed heavily on marine worms and can make for a somewhat finicky bite. The new Sna-Koil has a close resembalance to the marine worm and worked really well today. We actually cut the bait in half and used the skinnier portion of the Sna-Koil. Maybe on to something here for the spring. It would be great to have something good in the bag on those tricky days. We used mostly Arkansas Glow but some other colors worked well. We also used an owner 3/0 weighted twist lock hook.