DNR Cobia Transmitters

I have had the privledge of working with the DNR this spring on a recent Cobia project. We will be tagging fish with a small transducer that will ping of stations positioned up and down the coast. The receivers are initially in place to track sturgeon in our area. The Cobia will be piggy backing on the same system.


The fish containing transducers all have a double tag on top of the fish. One tag asking to "Please release this fish". Many times these fish are gaffed and by then it is probably too late for a successful release. If you do notice the double tag before capturing the fish please try to handle these fish with care. Tracking the movements of these Cobia will help ensure the survival of this amazing fishery.

2002 Hell's Bay Guide Refurbishment

The time had finally come. If you had fished in my skiff in the past year it was hard not to notice the few thousand hours had taken its toll on the old girl. The non-skid resembled a car windshield and the hull appeared to be a light brown. I'm pretty sure it was guide green at some point. And the cushions were mostly there just to give you a wet ass. Probably providing more discomfort than actual comfort.



It was quite the process but in the end the result was nothing short of incredible. My old 2002 Hell's Bay Guide went in for major surgery in late January. 

I had a long list of things that needed to be addressed. Sand the hull, offset the center console, powder coat all the hardware, non-skid, sea-deck, and some major trailer issues.

Jonathan Glasser said no problem and so began a 8 week process of turning an old boat back into new. Honestly I love the boat so much and really could not see myself fishing out of anything else. 

The transformation was remarkable. Here are some pics of the finished product. I can't thank Jonathan and his crew enough. The old gal looks like she just rolled off the showroom floor.

Charleston Fishing Report 3/8/2016

A great start to March, fishing wise and weather wise. Looks like we are supposed to reach 80 near everyday this week. Got the old sled back from Jonathan Glasser this week and she is beautiful. Im going to post some pics as soon as I get my cushions put on and wrap up a few finishing touches.  Fishing has been great for the most part this week. Yesterday they were a little finicky with the fly but we still managed a couple of nice fish. Today we bounced back well with some nice fish on plastics. 

Charleston Fishing Report 2/29/2016

Had an outstanding day today with DOA founder and owner Mark Nichols and his wife Jenny. Mark has been working on developing a new lure. I had the chance to fish it in the early stages last fall after the Redbone Tournament. We fished it at the jetties and it was excellent on trout there.

This time of year our Redfish can feed heavily on marine worms and can make for a somewhat finicky bite. The new Sna-Koil has a close resembalance to the marine worm and worked really well today. We actually cut the bait in half and used the skinnier portion of the Sna-Koil. Maybe on to something here for the spring. It would be great to have something good in the bag on those tricky days. We used mostly Arkansas Glow but some other colors worked well. We also used an owner 3/0 weighted twist lock hook. 

Abaco Casuarina Point/ February 2016

Awesome 3rd annual trip to Casuarina Point in Abaco. Mostly a DIY trip, we spend most of our time usually fishing Cherokee Sound. This year we did get some nice weather and took a trip to Moors Island with Ricardo, Kendall, and Perry. It was a great day out the and resulted in another monster bone caught on an Avalon Crab. The Gheenoe got smashed on the rocks during a storm and was beyond duct tape repair. We piled in the Mitzi and made the best out of shuttling from flat to flat in Cherokee. A great trip with some great folks. Many thanks to Tom and Kathy Daly for letting us enjoy their beautiful home in Casuarina Point.

Charleston Fishing Report 2/25/2015

Seems like we are getting to the end of winter. March is a few days away and we should start to enjoy some warmer temps. Came home this week from a trip to Abaco to some great weather. Nice and warm with light winds. Redfish are still schooled up well and made for a great time trowing flies, plastics, and a little live bait over the past couple of days. This is the pattern we should enjoy over the next few months until that water really starts to warm back up. Here is a nice pic of Fosco Fishing Company guide Jay Waide with a great fish on a simple black clouser.

Abaco Bonefish Trip 2016

An excellent trip last week to Abaco to bonefish and look for a few Permit with a great group of guys.

Two days at Sandy Point followed by three at Moors Island and then back to Sandy point for two days. The first couple of days at Sandy Point were a little cloudy with some rain around but the fishing was solid and everyone landed some nice bones. 

This year for the first time we would be staying out on Moors Island for three days. We have fished the area many times in the past but only on a day to day basis. We packed enough for breakfast and lunch for the days and had Trina cook for us at dinner. Lobster, snapper, chonch, and homemade pineapple pie were on the menu. Nothing short of amazing as far as that goes. The accommodations we simple but clean and ideal for what we were wanting to do.

Fishing at Moors was nothing short of amazing, as Ricardo, Kendall, and Perry put us in the right spot all day. With plenty of sun, warm temperatures, and winds ranging from 5-15mph conditions could not have been more ideal. Conditions produced two personal best fish for anglers. The fish gods were kind and I managed my first double digit bonefish. What my guide Ricardo called a lifetime fish. I would have to agree 100% with that statement. Plenty of Permit around as well resulted in a couple of eats but no fish in the hand.

Back at Sandy Point we closed out with a couple of excellent days of tailing fish. The last day shortly after lunch the bottom fell out, temperature dropped and the rain started to fall. One of the best weeks I have spent in Abaco this time of year.